Private Online Chat

As much as we run into each other at potlucks, the library and on the street corner, sometimes we need a more efficient way to connect quickly.   That’s why we are using a private online chat system.  It is called Slack, and it is free for small groups like ours.

Slack allows both real-time chat and stored, multi-person conversations.  You can add photos and link documents, and you can have private one-on-one converstaions too, like email.

It allows you to customize notifications, so you can receive an email whenever someone posts a village-wide announcement, or if someone mentions you specifically.

We are not trying to suck you into spending more time online chatting!  But sometimes there’s a very good tool to address a situation, and right here right now, that’s Slack, helping us connect.  Our hope is that all villagers  / village households will have a slack account as this will serve as our primary online means of communication.

How do you join?  Please send us an email at telling us who you are, where you live, and what you are hoping to find in and contribute to our village.