Stories from Mongolia

Lynnea Zuñiga is offering a storytelling evening about her time in Mongolia!

Last summer she attempted her long-standing dream of riding a horse alone across Mongolia. Her expedition took many unexpected turns with unlikely friendships, dog attacks, the purchase of two Bactrian camels, August snowstorms, masked men galloping into camp in the dead of night, and one horse nearly breaking a leg over a difficult mountain pass. For four months she and a new friend explored all that they could in the Kazakh province of Western Mongolia, ultimately finding a lasting relationship and second home with a family of nomadic eagle hunters tucked away in the high, green valleys above the Gobi desert.

Feel free to invite others who may be interested.
PLEASE CARPOOL if you can!
Bring snacks or drinks if you’d like!

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Thank you to everyone who was so supportive and helped Lynnea train and otherwise prepare for this trip.

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