Dream Forum

You are cordially invited to co-create a sacred circle of witnessing called Dream Forum.

Dream Forum is a way to connect, be witnessed, and give and receive support in community. We sing, play games, and share in sacred circle. It is a place to be authentically and fully yourself. You are invited to be open, transparent and real with all the joys, fears, sadness, and anger that may be churning inside. As you get to know yourself more deeply, you open yourself to deeper connection with others.

Participants are invited to help create a container of unconditional positive regard. As taught in co-counseling, people can learn to hold space for each other, seeing other people as totally capable, whole, and able to solve their own problems. There is no need to jump in, offer advice, or solve problems. Just holding space and being a loving witness can allow the underlying emotions to shift. Then new possibilities can organically present themselves.

Witnessing and holding space is a gift that we can offer each other as humans. We don’t always have to pay therapists to do it for us. By practicing this in the context of community, we take back our ability to care for each other in the most natural ways. Dream Forum offers a structured opportunity to practice being human together.

We are grateful to have Alex Garver and Brook Hatch facilitate four sessions for us from 7:30-9:30pm every other Tuesday starting on February 20th and continuing on March 6th and 20th and April 3rd. See our calendar here.  You are welcome to come to whichever evenings works best for you and are very welcome to come to all four.

Logistical notes: our location is unfurnished and only heated with space heaters, so please dress in layers, bring floor pillows, blankets, and/or chairs to be comfortable.  An alter item that you bring and then take home with you is also welcome.  For directions, please RSVP and let us know where you’ll be coming from and if you’re open to carpooling.  We will be gathering about 15 minutes north/east of Duvall.  Other questions?  Please ask!

Please let us know in advance if you are interested in learning to help hold this container, both physically and energetically. Co-facilitators may introduce guidelines, make suggestions, support others, and otherwise take on the role of facilitator. The idea is to help individuals in our community take responsibility for the community that we want to create. This gathering can be organic and morph from sessions to session based on the needs of its members. Brooke and Alex will help provide a pot to cook soup in, or a few types of seeds to start a garden, but won’t be the only cooks or farmers. Further Forums are up to us!

Donations for facilitation and location expenses are welcome. Please email us at contact2018@barefootvillage.org to RSVP, ask questions and request directions!

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