Folk Music Club

** Note: Folk Music Club is not currently meeting.**

Playing music with others is easy and fun!

Do you know a few chords or a couple songs on your instrument and lack confidence or experience with playing with others, but desperately long to jam with others late into the night around a campfire? Are you an experienced musician looking to play with others and spread the love through sharing your experience and skill? Do you and your child want an outlet to play music together? This club is for you!

Folk Music Club will meet for an hour every two weeks. We will be creating a safe and fun All- Ages atmosphere for everyone to gain experience, confidence, and skill on their instrument by playing music with others. The instructor will guide the group and individuals through learning and playing a new song each week. We will gradually build our repertoire as a home-grown Keep It Simple farm band. This club is aimed at children and families with support from older community musicians, but all ages and skill levels are welcome. Feel shy? No worries! Instructors will hold a compassionate, friendly, and non-judgmental attitude to meet you where you are in your music journey.

Why Folk Music?
Before recording contracts and Grammy awards, music was a humble but rich part of the people’s way of life. Music belonged to the folk of the land through twanging away on the porch, around fires and in our living rooms, or singing out in the fields. At Keep It Simple, we know that sometimes music is a kind of food for the heart and soul. We are using “folk” as an umbrella term to remind us that as we grow our own food for our folk and kin, also we can “grow” our own music to entertain, delight, and nourish ourselves and our communities.

Styles of music will vary depending on group interest. Genres will range from folk, blues, soul, old-timey, bluegrass, country, rock and roll, world musics, and beyond…

Hosted by Keep It Simple Farm at 12526 Avondale Rd NE, Redmond, Washington 98052

About the Instructor:

Matt McKinney was raised in a musical family and has been fiddling around on instruments and creating music since his hands were too small to wrap around the neck of a guitar. He has been mentoring others in music since he was a teenager and has in the last decade been deeply invested professionally guiding youth and adults into connection with the natural world and themselves. His work on the land deeply influences his music, songwriting, and method for teaching. He works at Keep It Simple as a Landscaper and adjunct Nature Educator, as well as instructing the Folk Music Club.

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