Introducing … Forum

What is Forum?

Forum is the name for a specific group process designed to foster transparency, authenticity, community and personal growth. Created in a German intentional community 39 years ago (see Zegg Forum), Forum is currently practiced around the world, including in Star Community in Seattle. I am currently seeking people in the Duvall/Woodinville/Redmond/Carnation/Monroe area who are interested in experiencing Forum.

Star Community holds public Forums every week. You can check the exact dates on our calendar. You are welcome to attend on your own or carpool with me!

What is my Forum dream?

I want to hold regular Forum for Barefoot Village. I would like to identify people who are interested in attending a trial evening, and then, when we have enough people, start holding Forum in the Duvall area.

Why am I committed to Forum?

* Forum makes me feel deep, often hidden, emotions. It makes me feel fully human, in all our complexity.
* Forum makes me appreciate and touch hidden parts of myself.
* Forum makes me feel seen, heard, loved, understood and accepted. It makes me feel like I belong.
* Forum gives me the opportunity to connect deeply and safely with others.
* Forum fosters empathy, awareness and understanding.
* Forum helps me grow in ways that I cannot manage alone.
* Forum builds community.

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