Ancestor Supper

You’re invited to the Eighth Annual Ancestor Supper.DSC06514

Please come celebrate our Ancestors and Dearly Departed at the home of Alexia Allen “Hawthorn Farm” with food and fire on

Saturday October 29th until the morning of Sunday October 30th

This is a family friendly event where we will share foods and stories from our ancestral lands.

Singing and eating will be abundant, and for those staying late into the night, snuggling!

A Reverent Fire will be tended with reverence from dusk until dawn.


Please make and bring a dish and/or drink to honor your Ancestors and/or Dearly Departed — a favorite dish of theirs, or a dish from your ancestral lands, to the best of your knowledge.  Calling relatives for stories, information and recipes can be helpful.    Let your ancestors guide your cooking by not tasting it during preparation.

Let them be the first to taste it that evening – it will be perfect!  Remember a serving utensil.

In the storytelling session of the evening, you are invited to share the story behind your dish and anything about your ancestors or dearly departed.  After your story you will then serve it to the guests.

All food that is not eaten by us will be burned in the fire as food for our ancestors by sunrise Sunday morning.

Please arrive between 4 and 4:15pm and choose one of the following to help with:

Decorating and preparing the space for us all

Preparing the Reverent Fire that we will be tending all night long

Setting up the altar, food table and entryways

We will have fun together relaxing, slowing down and preparing for the ceremony!


A plate, bowl, mug, eating utensils, musical instruments, blankets and pillows for lounging, and sleeping gear so you can still rest as needed while the fire is being tended for you.

In addition, please bring what you can of the following:  tobacco, sage, sweet grass, and anything you want for decoration and beautification purposes (shawls, fabrics, flowers, candles, ribbons, shells, etc). We will need lots!

We also need any materials for making a friction fire, and if you have extra firewood  we wood love that too! (pun intended)

If you wish, bring songs or poems or art!

From your family members, ancestors or ancestral lands to share with us all during the evening.

There will be an altar to place items of remembrance for our ancestors so you can bring photographs or other treasures you’d like to share

Dear Women who are mestruating, menopausal, nursing or pregnant,

There will be a luscious couch for you to indulge on and be pampered, if you so choose.


You are welcome to stay the night to be there for the closing of the ceremony at dawn.

We will be going until LATE into the night.  Please feel free to leave when you must.

If you wish to come, but cannot, we would like to offer you the opportunity to have your ancestors honored.  Light a candle at sunset and reflect on those who came before you. And/ or email an ancestor note with their names, a little story, a bit about them, where they came from, anything you want, to Natalie at

Please indicate whether you wish to have your ancestor note read out loud or kept private.

All notes will be burned in the Reverent Fire that evening.Ancestor notes must be received by Friday October 28th.

For Directions to Hawthorn Farm, please enter this address into your directions thingie

17340 NE 195th St. Woodinville, WA 98072.

We are grateful to have such a stellar community to share with, and excited for this special night to unfold.  Thank you!

Love and Salmon on the River Banks,

The Ancestor Supper Acorn 2016

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